Building organizations that really help change the world

You’re fed up with useless start-ups ? You think that companies should contribute to solve the world’s most pressing problems ?

If yes, you understand the reason behind Effective Entrepreneurship. As its name indicates, this approach is aimed at developing organizations which tackle important issues and really care about their impact.

Effective Entrepreneurship, in four objectives

Veganudge button  Building a framework for high-impact entrepreneurship

Veganudge button  Mapping promising entrepreneurial initiatives

Veganudge button  Sharing and evaluating potentially high-impact ideas

Veganudge button  Inviting people to discuss and engage in EA Entrepreneurship


Who am I ?

I started this website because I found that resources on doing the most good with entrepreneurship were limited. Of course, a lot of blogs are dealing with “social entrepreneurship”, but they are not necessarily aligned with the principles of effective altruism : working on big, neglected and solvable problems in a way that can be measured.

Who is this for ?

My objective is to address all people who want to start a business and have an impact. But as we’re dealing with pressing problems, a lot of them can be addressed by non-profits, whose leaders can also benefit from the content of this site. Of course, all people who recognize themselves as effective altruists are invited to share their suggestions to make the initiative more relevant.

How can you participate ?

By helping to share and evaluate potentially high-impact ideas, or suggesting to add promising initiatives on the mind-map. You can also discuss the framework for Effective Entrepreneurship which will be presented in my blog articles. Sharing your experience on things that work or don’t work will also be precious.



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