High-impact Entrepreneurship : the top 100 initiatives mind map

Every day, courageous people show us that it is possible to put their values and efforts at the service of a better world. Among them, there are some entrepreneurs, who build things aimed at solving important issues.

The fact that fighting the most pressing problems is not incompatible with making money is exciting : it means a sustainable economic system can be built around these activities.

Here is a mindmap of the top high-impact-seeking organizations. Most of them are tech organizations and hence for-profit, but the particularity of the effective entrepreneurship ecosystem makes that it would have been unfair and irrelevant not to talk about non-profit initiatives just because of their status. Therefore you’ll also find some “entrepreneurial” charities which are aligned with the principles of effective altruism.

Some tips to interact with the map

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  • Some categories have subcategories, so don’t be surprised if you’ve to click several times before seeing organizations’ names.

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More information on the approach

Organizations you see here are promising entrepreneurial initiatives aimed at solving pressing issues. This does not mean that they already have a significant impact, nor does it necessarily mean that they will one day. Unlike well-established charities working on well-known problems in conventional ways, start-ups and other organizations mentioned here are trying to beat “new problems” (sometimes not so new, but neglected until today) with unconventional approaches so we sometimes don’t know enough to already measure their impact.

This is especially true for companies aimed at preventing future catastrophic global risk from happening. Do we have to blame SpaceX for being totally uneffective as they couldn’t send a man on Mars yet ? That would be absurd. The same goes for DeepMind and others, when it comes to fighting Artificial Intelligence risks.

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