The veganentrepreneur’s book list

Although it is essential to have general knowledge about creating and managing companies, this is not enough. Indeed, nothing replaces the deep understanding of an area in which one wishes to undertake. So, if you are interested in vegan entrepreneurship, I have composed a list of books that will not only allow you to fully understand the motivations of these citizens and consumers, but also to deploy strategies for creating adapted companies to this sector.


Starting your Vegan business

Plant-based & Vegan Start-Up Guide – P. Steptoe                                                Image12

Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow and Ethical Business – K. Fox                  Image11

The Codex in Running Vegan Business – V. Zodel                                               Image12


Selling Products

How To Grow Your Vegan Food Products – Daniel O ‘ Neill                             Image12


Understanding Vegan people

Veganomics – Nick Cooney Image11

Eating Animals – Jonathan Safran Froer Image11

How To Go Vegan : The why, the how – Veganuary                       Image11



How to create a Vegan World – Tobias Leenaert Image12Image11



Beyond Beliefs – Melanie Joy Image12Image11



The Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook – S. M. Conroy Image11

The Simply Vegan Cookbook – Dustin Harder Image12Image11

Forks Over Knives – Del Sroufe Image13Image12Image11



The China Study – T. Colin Campbell Image12Image11

Plant-Based Nutrition – Julieanna Hever & al.Image12Image11



Thrive Fitness – Brendan BrazierImage11

No Meat Athelete – M. Frazier, M. Ruscigno Image12Image11



Why We Love Dogs, Et Pigs, and Wear Cows – M. Joy  Image12Image11

Animal Liberation – Peter Singer Image13Image11

Eat Like You Care – G.L. Francione & A. Charlton Image12 Image11

A Plea for the Animals – Matthieu Ricard Image12Image11



Advocate for Animals – G. L. Francione Image12Image11

Motivational Methods for Vegan Advocacy – C. Taft & K. M. Schunk Image11

The Accidental Activist – Matt Ball Image12Image11

Uncaged – Ben Davidow Image12

Doing Good Better – W. MacAskill Image13Image11

The most good you can do – Peter SingerImage13Image12Image11